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Jackie works in a variety of media: pencil, crayon, watercolour, acrylic and photography. She is able to create realistic portraits of family, friends or pets. Her photography captures stunning images from the world around her. Below are three of her favourite pieces. More examples of her work can be found in the galleries. To commission your own portrait, or to buy an original or print of her work, please visit the Shop page.

David Bowie was my first portrait completed this year. I threw myself in the deep end working on A3 paper. My main objective was to be able to replicate the slim and well contoured face and that cheeky expression he has. I used pencil which worked well with the sort of finish I wanted.

One of my favourite illustrations is the Bob Marley. It was a challenge; working to get the proportions of the face right and by adding the detail, to me, made him real. He had such a peaceful expression and I had to capture that. I chose to do this one in pencil because of the timeless feel it gives to use shades of grey.

The piece entitled The Earth Cries was inspired by the bombing in Syria in 2016 but still seems relevant today. This political image of the earth crying just came to me and was produced in mixed media; acrylic paint, pencil and pastel.